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Sweetessays: It is About Customer Relations, Not Low Bids that Helped Me

So far our database numbers more than 400 active writers. Some of you are more successful getting orders, others need a bit of guidance on how to boost their personal sales.
With this in mind, we start a series of interviews with the most successful writers at ThePensters. Read, ponder and learn. Hope this will help you as well!

This week we are interviewing Sweetessays. On their count they have 487 orders completed, 492 customer reviews, and 27 blog posts. Let’s find out how Sweetessays managed to get such a high score!

ThePensters (P further): How did you manage to get in Top 5 writers?
Sweetessays (S further): I have worked hard, consulted and maintained a good rapport with my customers. Sacrifice and professionalism is also part of this. For example, I bid competitively per order using a mix of pricing strategy, and convincing comments.

P: How did you start your career as a freelancer at ThePensters?
S: When I joined ThePensters, there were already 320 writers, but then I just stated placing my bid on every order for one week, then came the big break, when I got my first order after one week. The customer was pleased with the work, and promised to get me more customers. It took me another two weeks before the customer came back, and this time I got ten orders. From then it has been only 20 die hard customers that I work for. We differ, insult each other, but at the end of the day, they apologize and we write to each other ha ha ha.. and move on. It is about customer relations, not low bids that helped me.

P: What orders do you prefer?
S: I am a jack of all trades. I write on anything from French, literature, statistics, business, nursing. Just any order that comes my way.

P: How many orders do you complete per month?
S: I can’t count, may be per pages: I can say I do complete 30 pages per day.

P: Any other tips for new writers at ThePensters?
S: Hard works, bid at midnight being that many writers come from Africa, and maintain a constant communication with the customers, bond and build a rapport. That way, you can be sure of the customer’s loyalty.

Thank you, Sweetesssays, for useful tips!

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