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7 Essential Tips for Writing a Motivation Essay for an Exchange Program

If you want to show the world what you’ve got, you need to show it in the most convincing manner. You want to visit places through the exchange program? Recall all the essay writing tips you probably never took too seriously in high school.

Stand out of the Crowd

Now how to outshine other applicants, and ensure your selection for the program? Much the same way your CV is your personal statement when applying for a job, the motivation essay is your personal statement for the program.

What Should My Essay Include?

motivation essayA giant sized Minion sketch. Nah, we’re just kidding. Here is what you need to include:

  • information about your interests, the classes you are enrolled in and your take future educational plans;
  • you would be required to explain why you are interested in the student exchange program and how it would assist you in achieving your future goals.

But everyone has a Unique Name, what exactly makes my essay so special?

Thinking before putting ramblings of your mind on paper

If the authorities get the impression that you made no effort to write a good essay, they would obviously think you are least bothered about the program too. We discuss some tips on writing a convincing essay, devoid of clichés and unnecessary details.

1-Learn about the country you are visiting

To show your seriousness for the program, you need to write your essay in a manner which shows you have made an effort to learn the country’s history, politics, etc. Oh, we know what you’re thinking. So what if you have no idea about your own country’s history? Just learn more about your new home, if you want to increase your chances of selection in the program.

2- Explain what you will learn from the visit

Write about the experience you look forward to during the trip. What amazes you the most about the country? Is it the people, or are you mesmerized by the local music? Are you enthusiastic about the country’s rich literature? There must be something right? Yeah, just write it down.

3- Explain how the two communities benefit from your visit

Write how you plan on building contacts in the country, and carry out various campaigns with them. Shed light on how such activities would bring the two communities closer.

4- Sound enthusiastic, avoid clichés

You should make every effort to sound enthusiastic, but remember over-doing anything can ruin it. Don’t use oft-repeated phrases, and avoid sounding too dramatic. Just be yourself! What? Did that sound clichéd too?

5- Don’t sing your praises

Please. Don’t. Don’t go on and on about how the country or the university that you are applying for needs you so much. You should sound confident, explain your achievements in detail, but you need not act like that nerd you and your friends used to make fun of, for doing exactly that.

6- Bad grammar: strict no-no

Correcting other people’s spelling on Facebook, but making silly mistakes in their own essay…. Yes, that’s exactly how some people are like. Get your essay proofread by a capable person for any grammar and punctuation mistakes.

7- Have a look at samples

Explore the Internet for some samples. It will help you with writing a good essay.

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