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Essay: The College Common Room

essay sample: the college common roomIt’s not a lie if you say that the college common room is a real paradise for the student. That’s the place, where he or she is absolutely free. When the student enjoys the break, he finds relaxation and recreation in the common room. In between classes students have long conversations. If the debate is really hot they make their contributing with an expertise confidence.

A college common room is the place, where a needy student has an opportunity to reveal all his academic cares and the dreadful fears for the examinations. This is where academic attendants feel like they are the masters of their own fate and they can take the whole care of themselves.

College common rooms are known for their special utility. The classes are absolutely challenging: to be compelled to take notes for several hours while listening to the professors really makes a student exhausted. After a couple of hours spent listening to the know-it-all tutor, the students start feeling like they are in need of relaxation. This is when the time to visit the college common room comes! During the break it reloads the overburden brain, refreshes the tired mind and gives a real blessing for some time.

Often it is the common room where the best friendships occur! It is here that the funniest and the most memorable moments usually take place. Here is where the students completely forget all the regrets of the college life and feel relief in mind. The common room is there for a student to make vows, to face the turning-points and avail of larger opportunities!

A lot of students openly state that in case they ever have an opportunity to pick between a college with high class teachers and the educational establishment with a perfectly equipped common room, they would definitely give preference to the second option. Once both of these points can be brought together – nothing can be better than that! Here is what it all comes down to – college common rooms are a must for the academic life. They are the significant difference between the high school and college. Every day at school is packed with lots of classes while the college is a great bunch of opportunities! Without a well-set common room class-free periods would become a real trouble. Students need to have their leisure perfectly spent and as soon as they enter the common room at college, they feel they are grown-ups and they are absolutely free.

One should, however, admit that the college common room is known for its dark sides too. Yes, it is! The attention grabbers of the room have proved to be real demotivators for the most promising students. But no college student is worth the academic place he takes in the educational life, if he or she has no idea of how to deal with the pitfalls hidden behind the privileges.

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