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Narrative Essay on Fear: General “How To” Recommendations

narrative essay on fearA narrative essay is usually fun to work with for the reason that this type of writing is always based on telling a particular story. When your task is to create a narrative essay on fear, you get an opportunity to create a bright picture in your reader’s mind with all the additional details like plot, characters, etc. In order words, if you can boast of having a “multi-colored” imagination, the narrative writing is certainly going to by your cup of tea!

We’re all human and being afraid of something is natural for us. Writing a narrative essay about fear is your opportunity to share personal experiences from childhood and express your personal viewpoint on the subject, just like you usually do that in the everyday conversation.

Here are simple and easy-to-make-use-of recommendations on how to accomplish a narrative essay on fear.

*Make sure to keep in mind the key topic of the essay once you start writing. If you have freedom to narrow down the one you have – do that immediately! “Fear” is a too broad a concept and you won’t likely be able to cover all its aspects in 3 or 5 pages. If you have a lot of childhood stories or there’s something from your high school years you’d like to share with your reader – let the world know how you fight your own monsters from under the bed!

*Gather the related information you need to accomplish the assignment. Although the narrative type of writing is about expressing your personal points of view and sharing intimate feelings from the bottom of your heart, you still need to include general information on the nature of fear. Medical or psychology journals, interviews with famous individuals who have studied this emotion will add to your personal experience and, who knows, maybe they give you the answers you’ve been looking for.

*Produce a thesis statement and make sure to stick to it throughout the essay. This part of your project is supposed to be provided either within the essay’s first sentence or in the concluding part of the project. Once you decide to place your thesis in the beginning of the narrative essay, it is highly important that all the following sentences could develop it into an interesting story. If the narrative essay thesis statement is written in the last sentence, every piece of info given above should logically lead your reader to it.

*Provide all your personal experiences within the body of the essay. As we know, fear appears in our life in many various forms and shapes and it is different for every human being. While one individual can be afraid of spiders and clowns, the other one starts screaming if he gets into the dark. Are you one of clowns’ anti-fans? Do you have a heart-breaking story from your past? Go ahead and tell your reader about your tough times! The important thing is that essay is thoroughly researched, error-less and proofread.

*Make a brief summarization of everything you have written before. Have you overcome the arachnophobia? If yes, tell your reader how you managed to do that and encourage him to do the same!

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