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3 First Steps to Successful Freelance Networking

freelance networkingNetworking is one of the most essential business activities these days. Through networking, it’s possible to build effective long-term relationships with individuals, companies and customers. Moreover, it’s a powerful tool for turning potential customers into the existing ones.

Unfortunately, many freelancers (academic freelance writers including) have the wrong idea about networking. And subsequently, this activity doesn’t bring the desired results.

However, with the rise of social media it’s extremely important to have professional, useful and warm contacts in your contact list. With a solid contact list, your personality will appear more interesting to others and your professionalism will seem more credible and reliable.

So, let’s get it right!

In the context of freelancing, networking is building relationships with those who are in some way connected with your area. In case of freelance academic writing the key players are:

  • other freelancers;
  • customers (potential and existing);
  • agencies.

Online networking can help you get in touch with all these categories of people in either a passive or active way.

1. Create Social Media Profiles

You can use any of the existing social media to discuss projects, learn about relevant changes in your area of expertise, or discover effective ways to overcome some challenges you might be facing. Surely, choose the network that nests the bigger number of your potential contacts. Usually it’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter.

Must-haves for your profile include:

  • complete, error-free and professionally written information about you;
  • your best writing samples;
  • regular posts and updates.

Remember: in XXI century your social network profile is your face! So make it presentable.

2. Join Forums

It’s difficult to win the attention of a wide audience if you’re a loner. So you need to join forums and groups in different social media, where you can find professionals with a large variety of skills and experience in your niche. Check these spaces for questions, answers, participate and you will definitely get noticed.

But please don’t forget about personal interests as well. Even at a hobby group you can find a potential customer.

3. Invite Others to Interact

How? Simply ask a question! And when people answer, be sure to answer back. Enjoy a thoughtful discussion. Accept that sometimes you will need to create this discussion, since not so many people are eager to interact. And the more people are engaged, the more popular you become.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Share your profiles in comments to this post, find each other in social networks and help each other!

By the way, if you’ve already had some online networking experience, say what you think about it!

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