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How to Write a Persuasive Essay on a Controversial Topic

essay against sbortionTutors just love to give their students assignments of this kind. The reason why is quite simple – when you write an argumentative essay you show not only your knowledge of the subject in question, but your ability to use logic, facts and arguments to prove this or that point as well. That is why the topics for persuasive essays are usually controversial ones, the ones that do not presuppose a clear-cut answer and, if your argumentation is solid enough, you can prove your point irrespectively of what it is. You simply have to make yourself sound trustworthy and knowledgeable about the subject, and the best way to do it is to actually learn a little bit about the topic under consideration.

Writing an Argumentative Essay against Abortion

Let’s say this is your topic. How should you approach it? First of all, settle on a clearly defined point of view and don’t digress in the process of writing. Say, you are against abortion? Then what is the primary basis of your opinion? Does it refer to all situations without exceptions or do you think that abortion may be acceptable under certain conditions (for example, in case the mother’s life is in danger and there is no hope of saving the child)? After deciding on your point of view, you may start your essay against abortion properly. First of all, try to dismiss all the argumentation pertaining to emotions, feelings and suchlike, for the simple reason it is not argumentation at all – it is rhetoric. What you need is logical foundation for your belief. Think about facts that support the point of view that abortion is a bad thing: e.g., that it may result in psychological and physical trauma and therefore damages health. That it is, by and large, a murder legitimized for the sole reason that the perpetrator doesn’t want to accept responsibility for her prior actions.

Start with Studying Persuasive Essay Examples

But before you start writing your own essay, it is a very good idea to take a look at how other people do it. While you may understand the theory perfectly well, if you have never written an essay of this kind before, learning from someone else’s example may really help you. It isn’t even necessary to look for the examples written on the same topic you have to deal with – in fact, it is better to choose samples written about something else entirely in order to avoid being influenced by the author’s point of view too much. Otherwise your essay may turn out to be way too similar to the one you used as an example. The best variant is to ask one of your acquaintances who recently wrote an argumentative essay that received a high grade to give you a sample. But in a pinch, even persuasive essay examples from an online paper databank will do – although there is pretty much trash among them, it is usually possible to find a couple of decent samples.

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