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Pollution Essay

Writing a pollution essay is not an ordinary task. However, it is often required at ecology-related courses. During the course of education, one is more than likely to encounter the topic of environmental pollution. The subject may not necessarily be governed by the discipline of ecology. Pollution and its impact may be concerned by a large variety of disciplines, such geography, physics, chemistry, social sciences, as well as politics and economics. Therefore, one would strongly benefit from being ready to take up the task of writing a pollution essay.


Getting Started

First of all, a pollution essay is an academic piece, and, therefore, it is structured by similar rules and standards of accomplishing any other written assignments. That is why it would be only reasonable to firstly review what an essay is and how it should be written. An essay is a short paper describing a certain topic. It should be divided into three main parts:

– introduction;

– body;

– conclusion.

The introduction is the opening paragraph, which consists of a brief summary of the topic. It should allow the reader to become acquainted with the background without revealing the main point of the paper. The introduction should be closed with a thesis statement. The body is the main part of the paper, which consists of all general information and main arguments. The conclusion is the closing paragraph, which, unlike the introduction, attempts to finalize the findings and their main primary arguments.

Writing the Essay

Before writing the actual paper, one should, first of all, decide on the topic. Unfortunately, environmental pollution is a widespread and relevant topic of today. Therefore, one should not find it difficult to seek out information on the Internet. The topics of environmental issues may range from carbon exhaust and greenhouse effect to nuclear waste and oil spills. Depending on the discipline, one should not overestimate his/her abilities and choose a topic overly complex, as it would require sufficient scientific calculations and arguments to back it up.

Pollution on Paper

Environmental pollution is a very common topic for both scientific and political debate. Its cause lies in the price that the human civilization pays for the modern technological conveniences that surround day-to-day life. However, there still is a hope that environmentalist trends are gaining rapid popularity among the youth and political activist. When writing a paper on pollution, one should recognize these trends and admit the importance of the matter. The author should not merely describe an environmental problem, nor should he/she only focus on the effects and implications of the event. In a pollution essay, it is important for the student to show an understanding of what are the necessary tools and methods that would allow the resolution of the discussed environmental issue. One would assume that an instructor, which assigns a pollution essay task, is more than likely to be interested not only in the student’s evaluation of problem but also his/her proposal on how to solve it. Showing concern over pollution, as well as scientific objectivity, is the key to successfully writng a pollution essay.

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