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Post Mortem Report Sample

A post mortem report is an important document, which is written in the final stage of a project work. It is a short analysis that is aimed at summarizing the project highlights, its advantages, drawbacks, and useful recommendations. A post mortem report sample is an example of how to prepare an appropriate post mortem report, which would efficiently and comprehensively outline a project. A post mortem report sample will show how this document should be organized, and it will help to understand the major requirements for this paper.


Project Title: Public Transport Tracking Mobile App

Short description: The global technology company Google introduced a recently developed mobile app, which enables its users to track the public transport system in their cities, find the nearest bus stops, and check the timetable. The app was launched on December 15th, 2016 in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Germany, and Great Britain. By the end of 2017, the company plans to extend its databases and make the app available for people from Europe and Asia. This app is principally different from everything else currently existing. It provides users with a possibility to create their favorite routes and to be notified of the changes in the public transport system on this course. In addition, people can purchase a brand-new function that enables them to get a push notification if a chosen bus is approaching.


  • The Marketing Department shows incredibly great work results since advertising and selling system work absolutely flawlessly.
  • The communication system between headquarters and local departments in each of five countries functions effectively and accurately.
  • The Department of Customer Support properly accomplishes its tasks and ensures an effective two-way communication with the clients.
  • Cultural and financial diversities of different markets were taken into account while developing and promoting the service.
  • The Department of Statistics and Data Processing introduced a comprehensive sales report, which enabled to analyze the project success and showed that the financial strategy should be revised.


  • The app is available for the Android operating system, but there have been no versions developed for IOS and Windows Phone yet.
  • There are lots of users’ complaints regarding flaws in the work of the software; in particular, there are repetitive problems with the Internet connection.
  • The Finance Department experienced difficulties since the contract with one of the major project sponsors was lost, which resulted in rescheduling of the app launching.
  • The internal corporate issues with personnel in the Software Development Department, which occurred during the program designing, prove that the human resources strategy should be revised.

Conclusions and Future Considerations:

The mobile app download rates prove that this project bought a remarkable success because potential users show a great interest in this service since the very moment it was introduced, and its popularity keeps growing. The closest steps, which are expected to have been taken by the end of February 2017, include introducing of mobile app versions for France, Spain, Russia, and Austria. However, it is important to fix the software flaws before extending the target audience in order to ensure the smooth functioning of the app.

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