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A research process is complex and challenging, and one of its most crucial stages is a presentation of a preliminary report that demonstrates and explains a topic to the audience. Since this element is so meaningful, a decent preparation of it is a question of considerable significance, and the preliminary report sample will help one with the understanding of the purpose and structure of this type of work. The preliminary report sample outlines the main points that have to be included in the writing, and provides one with a clear and helpful example of such paper.

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Preliminary Report of the Renewable Energy Research Conducted by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Topic: The Economic Potential of Three Nuclear-Renewable Hybrid Energy Systems Providing Thermal Energy to Industry
Research Question: Can the nuclear-renewable hybrid energy systems be profitable for the American energy market?
Background of the Problem. The energy issue is one of the considerable cruciality nowadays because of the lack of the natural resources and further economical complications; that is why, the discovering of the renewable energy resources is extremely critical and becomes the aim of the numerous scientific studies. In addition, the renewable and nuclear energy sources are especially actual, since they do not cause the pollution of the environment and can become an effective solution to the global ecological issue. Still, it must be noted that nuclear energy resources require an extremely cautious and responsible approach, and, thus, a number of pieces of research to define if the forecasted benefits exceed the possible danger.
Research Plan. The research starts with the detailed analysis of the costs of various components and elements of the systems that can influence the overall price of the energy. As follows, the aim is to reduce the overall cost of the buildings and needed resources to the lowest possible point without negatively affecting the quality of the product. The next step is to forecast the variants of the thermal energy’s final price and to analyze if they are profitable and, thus, permissible.
Research Methods and Actions. Conduction of the scientific analysis of the economic profitableness of the nuclear-renewable hybrid energy systems; testing of the three possible scenarios of the systems’ development and income; creation of the systems’ design in the way it is the most productive and the least energy-consuming; optimization of every element of the systems so that it works with the highest effectiveness; setting the prognosis of the thermal energy price basing on the needed investment. For the listed actions, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s Renewable Energy Optimization tool was used that significantly helped with modeling the systems. In addition, the various costs of the chemicals that are needed for the systems’ work were taken into consideration, and different prices on the thermal energy were set based on that information.
Preliminary Results. The nuclear-renewable hybrid energy systems are expected to be profitable from the economic and ecological points of view with any possible scenario of the overall cost of the resources used for the building of the systems and their producing. The produced thermal energy is expected to be cheaper than the most of the others types of energy and the most profitable for the American economy.

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