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Nowadays, almost all business people need to write report style letters devoted to the businessmen outside the company. Nowadays, business correspondence is one of the main means of a report letter sample. Therefore, business people should get acquainted with a business letter format along with formal tone requirements. Business documents should be brief and precise; therefore, it is better to limit report letters to one page. Ordinarily, report style letters serve different purposes so that proposed report letter sample gives the opportunity to observe the kind of business document designed for such purposes: inform and outline recommendations. Designed for informing and outlining the recommendations report letter plays a significant role in the reputation and success of the organization due to the importance of data involved in the report which covers the company’s products, operations, or even services.


06 January 2017

Mr. A.B. Smith

123 Sample Street, NY

New York, US 10001

Dear Mr. Smith:


As you requested on LLT’s standard and safe operating procedures in the previous letter of 4 January, we have followed all suggestions by precisely drawing responsibilities for staff in the company safety. The report involves additional data in the attached diagrams (excluded here to keep space) along with manuals which are available at every site. These guidebooks have been successfully circulated to our employees; additionally,  manuals are posted on every department news board. According to the instructions, our LLT hired a New York Translation Services company which translated our manuals into all languages spoken at the firm. Further, LLT’s managers are currently developing a detailed plan to guarantee constant updates to company’s manuals.

LLT’s procedures involve the following:

  • The Modeling Manager is responsible for an appropriate closing of the company’s equipment before the shift ends.
  • The Packaging Manager is responsible for minders in addition to packaging equipment located in his/her department. Therefore, LLT’s packaging manager should supervise the employees operating corporate machinery in addition to packaging equipment standing in front of the unit. In case of emergency, the packaging manager should direct all packaging specialists out of the company’s building through the leading emergency or central office, depending on the type and location of the problem.
  • The Production Supervisor in LLT is responsible for all intersection between the packaging and modeling departments. For that reason, he/she assures that all work areas do not have disorders and are free of dangerous goods.
  • LLT’s Quality Control Manager has a duty to control the traffic at the main entrance of company’s cafeteria hallway during the shift. In the process, he/she will control crowd running at the same time keep the staff from going the wrong way.

During the following two shifts, LLT’s Shift Manager is always responsible for covering the area.

  • LLT’s forklift operator is responsible for immediate inspection of possible damages or visible deviations of forklift truck in each supply room.
  • LLT’s shift manager is responsible for guaranteeing that all employees left the main building through the emergency hallway.

We hope the detailed list of procedures is sufficient since the company seeks the highest safety for the personnel. In case you have any valuable suggestions or additional questions, please call us at 111-222-3333, ext. 100. We look forward the following inspection in summer.



Executive Director, LLT corp.

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