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Sample College Term Paper

A sample college term paper is an example of academic work that discusses a certain topic, arguments for or against which are supported by reliable references. Thus, an introduction of such essay must be short but coherent and end with a clear thesis. The main arguments regarding the chosen topic need to be written in the body of the paper, with each paragraph dwelling upon a new idea. The conclusion, in turn, has to briefly summarize the essay and contain no new information that, basically, implies paraphrasing the introduction or extending the thesis of the sample college term paper. It is important to remember that before being handed in to the professor, the work must be proofread.


Is Taking a Gap Year Before College a Good Idea?

Taking a gap year before entering a college has become quite popular among youngsters, although some parents are still hesitant about the benefits of doing it. However, having considered both perspectives of skipping a year in order to dedicate it to finding oneself and deciding on his or her actual areas of interest, there are several advantages that prevail. Therefore, it is possible to state that taking a gap year before college or university is certainly a good idea.

Firstly, after graduating from high school, people tend to find themselves confused regarding what realm they want to study and, hence, work in for next several decades. Therefore, a year of exploring new activities and maybe even trying different jobs is likely to help one realize which area is suitable for the person and which is rather not their cup of tea. Thus, a gap year is a great opportunity for an adolescent to find the future major to apply for.

Secondly, skipping a year before pursuing a higher education is an opportunity to broaden his or her mind and work on self-development regarding either the person’s personality, hobbies, or any other area. In particular, one may spend the year traveling, exploring new cultures, and meeting new people, which is definitely a priceless experience, or, as already mentioned, work in different industries. Both of these choices will appear beneficial later in life, including during college, as he or she will become more intelligent and, not to mention, a more interesting interlocutor. Therefore, taking a gap year is an opportunity to grow and improve as an individual.

Lastly, a year of being free from college duties is a chance to prepare for the next several years of studying and catch up on everything that was missed or neglected during high school. In particular, a person can learn any subject at his or her pace and refine the desired skills, which was impossible to do before due to the lack of time.

In order to conclude, taking a gap year before entering a college is a good idea for an adolescent for a number of reasons. Overall, this opportunity significantly contributes to a person and helps him or her to become more educated in spite of not belonging to an educational institution. Therefore, one should definitely consider this option and, eventually, in the case of deciding to take a year off, he or she will find it beneficial.


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