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Sample Comparative Essay

A comparative essay is one of the most common academic assignments in every educational institution. That is due to the fact that such papers effectively assist in discovering significant unique peculiarities, advantages, and disadvantages of two or more specific items compared to each other. A sample comparative essay involves research question, as well as the development of similarities and differences of the compared objects. This sample comparative essay is based on both these aspects for the purpose to provide students with an appropriate template of such academic works.

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In the recent days, education is considered one of the most significant factors that influence the creation of every society. The appropriate education system that promotes the intelligence and curiosity can affect students as soon as they enter the classroom. For example, having the largest population worldwide, China provides a versatile system of educational institutions for its citizens, including special schools for children with disabilities, public schools for the students of all ages, and the private educational establishments. Nonetheless, since the educational system in China was created under the impact of a fundamentally distinct culture, some its aspects may impress people from other countries. Therefore, it is a relevant issue to compare the educational system of China to the American one in order to reveal which of them might be more effective for the development of the nation.
To begin with, the Chinese system of education includes three major levels such as primary, secondary, and post-secondary. These grade levels are divided into 3 or 6 additional sub-levels; for instance, the first and the sixth grades belong to the primary school. The seventh and ninth grades belong to the secondary school, and tenth and twelfth ones to the higher school. On the contrary, in the United States, grades are separated into every individual year. In contrast to the American education system, the compulsory education laws of China force students to study at the middle school till the age of 16 -18 years. In the United States, students graduate from the middle school mainly at the age of 13. Being at the age of 14, they can enter a higher educational institution.
The learning process in Chinese and American schools is also quite different. Specifically, students in American schools move to another room for the next lesson whereas – in China, students study all the disciplines in one classroom. This class organization makes learning process in Chinese schools quite routine and monotonous. Furthermore, the school day in the American educational institutions culminates approximately at 3 P. M.; in China, it can last till 5 P. M. It is also worth noting that in the United States, – every individual has the right to apply for getting a higher educational degree. On the other hand, every applicant in China has to go through the complex examination procedures. Another significant distinction between American and Chinese education systems is that students in US schools are eligible to select some courses they would like to master. In China, students do not have such opportunity and all the subjects that are taught in Chinese schools are compulsory.
Having compared education systems of China and the United States, it was discovered that they sufficiently differ from each other. As a result of this comparison, it becomes attainable to find that American education system is more efficient and favorable for students. That is because it is more flexible and focused on their needs, making learning process more accessible and productive.


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