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Research Article Example

The modern education system is complex and students are required to conduct research and describe it in an article. Research papers have a purpose of exploring or identifying a variety of issues in a broad range of disciplines that include social, scientific, and technical topics. In order to properly write such paper, it is required to explore a research article example before starting an actual research because it can provide general guidelines for the contents that include an introduction, actual research, and conclusion. A research article example is an effective tool for a student that wants to understand the research process with more clarity.

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The modern business environment is a complex mechanism that features a variety of different practices that have a purpose of providing a company with profit. Marketing, as a business practice, is one of the most influential aspects of a company’s activities because it creates a dialogue with the end consumers. The purpose of this paper is to explore how a company is able to influence the decision-making process of a consumer through the use of different marketing practices that are available today.
Key words: consumer, good, service, marketing, decision-making process.


Type of research
The type of research that will be used in this article will be based on the qualitative analysis of online and scholarly sources that aim to provide a general outlook on the way the consumer decision-making process is influenced by the marketing instruments of a company.

Theoretical Overview

As it is evident, a consumer goes through a set of stages that determine a final buying decision and the first step is the identification of a need, which is a catalyst that creates a decision for a purchase of a good or service. The second step is the process of information gathering and this stage of decision-making process can be directly influenced by a company through the marketing messages and instruments.
By placing advertisements that will be noted by the target audience, a company is able to identify itself as a solution that will satisfy the consumer’s need for a product or service. It can be achieved through the use of target marketing messages that point out the benefits that a product or service is able to provide for a potential consumer. The best way to influence the consumer on this stage is through a presentation of unique features that differ a company’s product or service among the others.
Marketing practices show that the best way to influence the process of information gathering is to perform an analysis that has a goal to identify the best type of marketing message that will leave an imprint in a mind of a consumer. A type of message has to be based on the age, location, and preferences of the target audience. This way, a company is able to create a message that will directly target a specific type of a consumer.


A majority of marketing instruments that are available today allow a company to effectively gather the required intel about the target consumer. Such scientific approach to the identification of the potential consumers allows a company to create a specific message that will address the needs of the target audience, thus increasing the possibility that the consumers will note it. Finally, a properly created marketing message will leave an imprint in a mind of a consumer, which will further increase the effectiveness of the marketing instruments because the consumer will automatically associate a product with a company name and image.

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