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Sample Assignment of Lease Agreement

Today, everyone who wants to rent a property should use the lease assignment document. In particular, there are several reasons for signing the lease agreement. This document is necessary in the case of emergent leaving or pretending of someone else to take over the same lease. For that reason, the lease assignment form is the best way to transfer owner’s responsibilities to the other tenants. Hence, a sample assignment of lease agreement will provide the general overview of the legal document that can serve for transferring the lease to another person, taking over the lease agreement of another owner, or for landlords who transfer their contract up for the tenant. Usually, the lease agreement is the simpler way to transfer the responsibilities to someone else in case of moving. Therefore, a sample assignment of lease agreement gives the opportunity to get acquainted with the terms of such assignment, acceptance of the parts, and also the consent of the lessor.

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Lease Agreement

This agreement is made on January 19, 2017, by Michael Gepherson, Main Wall, Brooklyn, New York 00000 (Assignor), to James Smith, Green, Manhattan, New York 00000 (Assignee).

For the particular received value,  Michael Gepherson assigns and also transfers to James Smith this Lease, dated January 19, 2017, executed by Michael Gepherson as Lessee and by  James Smith, Green, Manhattan, New York 00000 regarding the property that is located at Central Wall, Manhattan, New York 00000, hereafter referred to in the lease form together with all rights of the owner, title, and also interest in the premises and lease, subject to all terms along with conditions in the Lease Agreement, to have as well as hold from January 19, 2017, until the duration of the Contract expires on January 19, 2018.

Michael Gepherson, Main Wall, Brooklyn, New York 00000 covenants that he is the sole and also lawful owner of the property assigned hereunder. This lease is free from encumbrances; also, Michael Gepherson has performed both, duties and obligations, as well as made necessary payments under all terms and conditions of this lease.

James Smith, Green, Manhattan, New York 00000 agrees to provide all rent payments due after the legal date of the contract assignment. Moreover, James Smith agrees to perform and also assume the list of obligations along with duties required by the Lease Agreement’s terms.

Consent of Lessor

I, James Smith, Lessor named in contract represented above about the lease, on January 19, 2017, consent to the Lease agreement executed by me on January 19, 2017. Besides, I consent to the contract by Assignee to undertake after January 19, 2017, all rent payments along with the performance of all duties and obligations set in the above lease agreement. Furthermore, I consent to release Michale Gepherson, Assignor and Lessee, from similar obligations and duties mentioned in the Agreement.

Both parties accept lease interest under this contract and assure to execute on January 19, 2017, with intent to be legally bound.

Assignor,                                                                                 Assignee,

Michael Gepherson                                                                 James Smith

Signature_______                                                                    Signature_______

19 January 2017

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