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Sample Business Report

The ability to conduct a thorough analysis regarding the successfulness of an enterprise’s activity is a very significant part of both entrepreneurship and management studies, which, in turn, can be resembled in the sample business report. The difficulty of the task at hand may differ from the size of the business and the complexity of the provided services and production. In any case, a combination of common sense and rationality would allow forming a report that will benefit the company with its findings. A good sample business report is one that provides not only an overview of the company’s activity but leads up to the necessary steps that should be taken in order to improve the company’s overall gains and efficiency.


Before writing the actual business report, one should understand the structure of such report and its main purpose. A business report is a document that includes information about a company’s business activities over a fixed time period. This information usually includes the company’s both successes and failures, productivity, efficiency, market placement, as a well as a financial review.

Similarly to most written papers, a business report consists of a three-part structure: the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. The introduction should provide a short background overview on the company’s business. The body should include the main information. The conclusion should feature the necessary steps required to increase profit and solve any issues discussed in the body.

The content of a business report is surely its key part. It should not only provide an exhaustive overview of the financial gains and losses of the company, its productivity, and efficiency, but it should also become a valuable tool for the company’s management representatives that would ensure the company’s prosperous future.
One of the most efficient ways to provide such a report is to conduct a SWOT analysis. Such analysis concerns outlying the company’s:
– (S) Strengths – the advantages and achievements of the company;
– (W) Weaknesses – the disadvantages and weak sides;
– (O) Opportunities – the possibilities to expand and improve business;
– (T) Threats – the difficulties and obstacles;
A short example of a business report that features such an analysis is provided below:
The Mocka Kola company has been providing fuzzy drinks in the food industry for decades and, thus, has a well-established distribution network and logistics management (Strength). However, the company has recently faced financial losses due to insufficiency in production and technological stagnation (Weakness). In order to cope with these difficulties, the company should reconsider its approaches to the market and update its production line with new technologies. This would allow the company to expand its business and reach an optimal efficiency of production (Opportunities). However, entering the global market undermines that the company will face increased competitiveness from other international companies, and, therefore, will be forced to adapt to a new global market environment (Threats). Overall, the company has been successful in the recent years; however, it should consider updating its production and expanding its business in order to secure its future success.

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