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Research Assignment Example

One of the most important skills gained during the course of one’s higher education is the ability to conduct research, and that is where the research assignment example is surely bound to come in handy. A research assignment is one of the most common academic tasks. Instructors assign this particular kind of task in order to test the student’s analytical skills and the ability to conduct independent research. The moment the student is able to conduct scientific research on his/her own, he/she is not a mere student anymore and can be considered as a fully-fledged scholar. That is why the research assignment example is an invaluable tool of self-examination.

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First of all, the student should decide on the topic of the assignment, its topical questions, the hypothesis, and its title. In order to choose from a number of topics, the author should consider not only the most scientifically appealing, but those that are the most realistically executable in the long run. If the instructor did not provide a list of specific research topics to choose from, the student should create one by him/herself, although by doing so, he/she should not distance the theme of the paper too far from the discipline it is assigned in. The research has to directly correlate to the material that was covered during the course.
The key features that the author should focus on when preparing his/her research assignment are the abstract, the thesis, hypothesis, outline, research questions, and methodology. The abstract is a short written piece that concludes the main ideas of the paper and tools used. The thesis is the finishing sentence of the introduction paragraph. It should define the main theme of the paper. The hypothesis is a common scientific research tool. It is used to express the evidential explanation to the research questions. The best way to form the research questions is to use an outline. Once these questions are addressed, it is important to describe the methodology, which consists of all the means and methods that were or will be used in the research. It is important to include all the sources used in the references list. An example of a research proposal that uses the aforementioned tools is provided below.

Anger at Workplace Research Assignment Proposal

Anger at the workplace has become a common issue of social tension. It is a psychological disorder widespread in urban areas, mostly found in offices. A qualitative social research is proposed to analyze the issue in the local region.

Thesis statement.
The topic of anger in the workplace has been chosen because this issue has gained significant widespread and has the potential to provoke such negative consequences as violence and nervous breakdowns.

II.Topical background. Sociology.
III.Anger in the workplace. Causes and consequences.
IV.Methodology. Qualitative analysis. Surveys.


Judging from the reviewed sources, such as journal articles and statistical research, the modern population is highly inclined to psychological disorders such depression, which can lead to social tension and aggression in the workplace. The topic is highly relevant, therefore, analyzing the current situation in the region would allow conducting preventative programs.


A quantitative analysis is suggested as the most basic social research to begin with. By selecting and interviewing a number of respondents from different work environments, the research would allow determining which ones are more prone to aggression in the workplace.

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