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A reaction essay sample is an example of an academic work about writer’s feelings on a particular piece that can be an article, a book, or a movie. Thus, such a paper starts with introducing the work and its author that is followed by a sentence or two about the main idea of the work. The thesis of a reaction essay sample has to state the writer’s opinion regarding the position of the author of the chosen work, which can be a partial or total agreement or disagreement. Another rule to bear in mind when writing the essay is to use the first person point of view. Check out sample essay below provided by ThePensters online writing service.

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“What’s the point of school uniform?” by Chloe Spencer, is an article written for The Guardian that dwells upon the question whether school uniforms should be worn today and, if so, why. Thus, the author has a positive attitude towards a dress code in educational institutions for a number of reasons. Interestingly, I can say that I agree with all Spencer’s points of view, as she managed to include reasonable arguments regarding why wearing a similar outfit every day to school is better than not being required to stick to a smart dress code.

In details, Spencer starts the article with not only introducing her own opinion on the issue but she also includes several citations of people who work for various educational institutions and have the same point of view on uniforms. Thus, I feel that such an approach is quite successful, as each of the arguments provides a good explanation on why a uniform is useful. What is more, all of the supportive opinions appear to be protective of students and have a deeper meaning than people, including me, may be surprised to learn. Overall, I find the article to be very persuasive and informative.

Interestingly, I think that the majority of students only have a shallow understanding of the importance of a dress code in school and rather consider it to be a method of limiting their options and freedom. In the article, however, such a thought as integrating a uniform in order to prevent bullying is likely to create a very beneficial educational environment and, on the contrary, help to extend students’ opportunities, such as assist in improving academic performance and maintaining good self-esteem.

As for the other provided arguments for uniform, I find the one about sticking to a smart dress code in school in order to become prepared for work further in life to be a strong one. In particular, from an own experience, I agree that wearing similar clothes to the ones that an entire group wears definitely gives a sense of belonging to the environment. Despite the fact that people should not be judged by their appearances, the first impression about an individual, especially as an employee, still tends to depend on what he or she is wearing. Therefore, in my opinion, in order to look presentable and professional, it is significant for one to wear outfits that are too fancy and distracting, so that a business partner can focus on assessing his or her competence by skills only. Hence, I can certainly agree that uniform at school serves for getting ready for being a part of a working group later.

All things considered, I liked “What’s the point of school uniform?” by Chloe Spencer. In my opinion, the author managed to introduce good points of view in order to explain the purpose of wearing a uniform and, what is more, persuade the reader of its importance. Thus, I agree with Spencer’s supportive position regarding school dress codes.


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