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Roadmap Presentation Example

Producing a peculiar product or developing a project necessarily requires a sufficient amount of planning, that certainly is where a roadmap presentation example would come in handy. Students, engineers, developers, marketing specialists, scientists, and numerous other professions that involve a reasonable amount of creativity, all include the act of presenting a plan of future action. Whether it concerns a new product, scholar research, lab experiment, construction work, or, perhaps, a change of corporate strategy, a roadmap presentation example is a key asset of defining the necessary steps to ensure the project’s successful execution


The first and foremost important aspect that would be crucial for the author to realize is the definition of a roadmap and how it differs from a regular project presentation. A roadmap is a simple, usually illustrated, presentation of a project. A roadmap is designed to define the key goal of the projects and the means to reach it. It resembles the key steps that should be taken in order to achieve that set goal. However, unlike a regular project presentation or proposal, a roadmap is not oversaturated with statistical data and redundant information. A roadmap should focus on the primary goal and its objectives, no more no less. It should be a laconic representation of the author’s vision on how to achieve success in the task at hand.

To get started, the author should, first of all, decide what is the main objective of the project. It is a crucial step since the rest of the roadmap is based on it. The main objective is set as the endpoint of the roadmap. Once that primary objective is defined, it would be reasonable for the author to develop an outline that would feature the steps that would consequentially lead to this goal. These elements can be supported by illustrations and charts designed in particular presentation software such as PowerPoint. Nevertheless, the main characteristics of an effective roadmap presentation are:

– the ability to communicate the main goal and objectives of the project;

– to catch the attention of the audience in order to raise interest in the topic and gather support;

– to communicate the plans and steps among all participants of the project;An example of such a roadmap is provided below.

The Ninno Video Game Console Roadmap

Project Goal

To expand the consumer base of the Ninno Video Game Console.


– release the new video game console by the end of the year;

– promote the console as a means of digital entertainment;

– establish a new and existing way to play;

– ensure the choice of portability;

– provide a wide range of different games;

– increase affordability;

– conduct effective marketing to bring the message to the customer.


The Ninno company has provided an exclusive video game experience for some time, however, now the company wishes to expand its target audience by catching the interest even of those who are not regular gamers by provided interesting games at a fair price and flexibility for everyone.

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