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Retirement Farewell Speech Sample

Despite the character of one’s work, it is an obligatory affair of honor to present some valediction to the former colleagues. In this context, the retirement farewell speech sample appears as the irreversible tool for successful speaking. Usually, this type of speech requires a sufficient level of sincerity, so that it would be possible to express the attitude to the work and people that had surrounded the retired person throughout the whole career. The retirement farewell speech sample is a good example of how to structure the speech and help to generate some ideas that will bring the essence to the speaking.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

You cannot even imagine how glad I am to see you here. Nevertheless, today, I am going to announce that it is my time to resign. There has not been a day in the last 24 years that I expressed an undesirability to come to work here, because I loved this place, loves this job, and enjoyed working with all of you. What a great pleasure to be able to say these words!

There are several lessons I received here…

First of all, now I am aware of how to cooperate properly with other employees in order to achieve the highest results. To speak honestly, it was hard for me to get used to working as a part of the team; however, when I had obtained this quality, I discovered the great horizons of people’s collaboration and mutual understanding. It is a great experience that has been following me during my whole life and helped me during the numerous situations, especially in the ones connected with the interpersonal relations. Moreover, the genial attitude to colleagues has helped me to find many sincere friends among them; thus, I am leaving this place not being lonely.
One more thing that I highly value is that this job had taught me how to overcome the obstacles, even if they seem insoluble and hopeless. That is why now I am a self-confident and fearless person, who is able to think critically and logically in the extreme situations… Undoubtedly, this job has brought me a lot, and I would like to share this experience with you, young and promising people.

Here are few things I hope you will always remember…

First, be thankful for every opportunity you get here because each of them can bring you the priceless experience and the great benefits. Secondly, do not forget about being professional, because a big part of our work depends on your skills and knowledge. In addition, try to be polite, punctual, and self-organized, which will help you to be promoted. Thus, always continue to develop yourself, including both professional and moral qualities. Finally, respect each other, because only the effective cooperation built on the mutual understanding and collaborating can lead to the highest results of the work. If to observe my working experience, the cooperation with people has become the crucial part of my success, and I wish you to reach the understanding of the relationship first of all.

Good Luck!

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