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Respect Essay

A respect essay is a specific type of work that provides not only the attempts to determine the nature of respect, but also the author’s feelings related to this moral issue. This means that such an essay may be written in terms of people’s behavior, survival, ethical values, conflicts, or even financial state. Therefore, a respect essay deals with the numerous aspects that are predicted to identify the major ethical problems existing among the human beings as well as stimulate them to be more respectful in all activities.

respect for people

To begin with, respect means lots of the various things and concepts for the various individuals, thus, it involves the appropriate consideration of people’s feelings, requirements, opinions, ideas, and, of course, preferences. Moreover, such an approach predicts taking all of the mentioned categories seriously and making them absolutely valuable and worthy. Actually, treating someone with respect seems to be similar to valuing the particular individual, his or her thoughts, and acknowledging them, paying attention to them, and accepting the individuality as well as the idiosyncrasy.

For instance, respect may be determined due to the behavior, especially if to consider the fact that individuals are supposed to act in a lot of ways that are regarded as the respectful ones, yet they may also treat the others with respect and feel respected by them. Due to the possibility to act in the numerous ways which do not depend on our real feelings, respect seems to be more important than acting without feelings; this means that the presence of feelings promotes behavior to follow naturally. In addition, respect has played a crucial role in the process of survival, for instance, it can be possible to imagine a small tribe suffering in a desert and a person who is not respected by the other individuals. Therefore, such a person has relatively low chances to stay alive in a group as he or she is predicted to possess no importance and no value to a certain tribe.

On the other side, the modern society provides more opportunities to keep alive without being respected and this can be proved by the fact that the individual can inherit a large sum of funds, possess lots of servants and workers, or even a special salesmen that call on and cater to him or her with no respect. Respect also provides the individuals with a spectacular opportunity to gain the voluntary cooperation with the other people, and there is no need to use a lot of available energy and resources with a goal to satisfy the requirements. All in all, the existence of a respectful atmosphere within a group or workplace results in a fewer number of conflict situations. Respecting someone predicts respecting the feelings and needs of this individual too, thus, if a person does not express respect to the others, they also express no respect to him or her.

To conclude, the respect is extremely necessary due to the several evolutionary and practical reasons and people are always supposed to feel better if they are respected by their relatives, friends, colleagues, or even strangers. Respect is regarded as a particular bomerang, thus, it cannot be forced or commanded by the others.

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