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How to Write a Research Essay: Basic Guidelines for the Students

Research essay writing. Animal research essay World War II, Victorian epoch fashion, abortion or animal research essay are the most common types of the assignments students have to dealwith. The basic concept of this type of paper is pretty simple at the first sight, but at the same time the task is tough. The thing is that the research essay writing is about diving into the works of the other writers and comparing your ideas to the thoughts of the other authors. Writing a research essay, term paper or book report involves using the source material and then synthesizing your own ideas with knowledge you get from this material. If you need to know how to write a research essay, remember that it is highly important to start your assignment with a problem or a topic that requires thorough research. Make sure to choose the topic that you’re personally interested in. The perfect topic is usually the one that you already have something to say about. When picking the essay writing format, make sure to provide your paper with at least three sections (intro, the body and the conclusion). The introductory part should have a certain gimmick that will determine the overall success of the whole project. It is from the intro section that your readers will (dis)like your research essay.

Writing a Research Essay: Conceptualize & Think Over

Building up the body of the research essay, make sure to do that in a detailed manner. This step forms the solid basis for the whole discussion. This is when you have to make a list of all the key points that will back your topic up. Nonetheless, you need also to thoroughly explain every point to make it concise and clear. All the points should be different and at the same time related to the general topic of the research essay. Make sure to picture your essay topic in your mind.

  • What does the paper topic look like?
  • Are you interested in what you’re writing about?
  • Does it interest someone else?
  • Can you create a mental image of the topic?

It is highly important to ask as many questions as you can and put them down on a piece of paper. Conceptualize the research essay as much as you can and you will be amazed by how easy the assignment execution will be!

Get the Picture of the Research Essay Topics Within the Body of the Paper!

No matter what research essay topics you’re supposed to work with (child abuse, health care or animal research essay), make sure to always approach them realistically. In case you cannot boast of having broad knowledge on the topic, you definitely have to learn more. Now do your best to focus on what you are doing at the moment. The body of the essay is what you should concentrate upon. As a rule, this part of the essay is broken down into several sub-headings that are related to various aspects of the topic. In order to decide on what headings to include in your essay or in what order to place them, take a look at your research essay topic and ask yourself, “What kind of issues I’m required to investigate to answer the essay research question correctly?” Perhaps, you need to provide a separate section to picture up the controversy in depth, a section to provide a solid case for your viewpoint being true and a section to question the arguments if there is other person who doesn’t agree with the viewpoint of yours. When the time comes, make sure to sum up all that you said throughout the paper.

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