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Role Model Essay

A role model is a person that usually possesses all individual’s desirable features. Role model essay is a kind of descriptive essays with the objective to characterize and verbally depict a typical hero, explain the reasons for such a choice, and establish the described person’s role in one’s life. Writing a role model essay intends three main steps: understanding the concept of a role model in general and its psychological importance, identifying one’s ideal hero, and attempting to transmit this perfect person as he or she occurs in one’s consciousness.


To start with, the most common role models are either famous public people, such as singers, actors, and sports stars, or the closest people, mainly parents, relatives, and friends. Regardless who the role model is, he or she usually serves as a motivator and reminder of possible success the person may gain. The importance of having a role model has already been proved by psychologists, taking into consideration that this stimulus tends to give the inspiration and hope for a person to develop himself or herself. Moreover, scholars also claim that having a role model can keep one’s spirits up in the tough hours as an encouragement to move further.

Before writing an essay, one has to identify his or her ideal person and illustrate the influence of this role model. It is reasonable to comprehend what traits make this person so special and try to enumerate them later. One has to distinguish those features that he or she admires the most: integrity, compassion, sense of humor, authenticity, confidence, or honesty. There is no need to depict the appearance or hobbies unless these are the most admirable characteristics. However, the description of how the mentioned virtues have inspired a person for some actions can evidently be valuable to mention in the essay. It is also advisable to include more specific examples connected with the role model that led to some modifications in one’s life. Those may include role model’s exclusive talents, skills, a way of behavior, or even simple sayings and actions. The essay will be more advanced if the focus of the writer continuously passes from the description of the role model to his or her role in one’s life.

Additionally, one has to be aware of significance to depict the role model in the way an individual perceive him or her personally. This statement implies that one may describe those features he or she considers to be the most worthwhile, even if others do not agree or do not notice them at all. Writing an essay, it is essential to be honest, as it can make the description look more vivid and natural. Especially, this advice is applicable if the writer doubts whether the reader has ever heard about the discussed role model.

To summarize, role model essay aims at the depiction of one’s ideal person and its influence in individual’s life. This type of essay predicts the acknowledgment of advantages for those who have a role model, the ways of choosing a role model, and the methods of his or her believable portrayal.

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