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Sales Analysis Report Sample

Conducting a thorough analysis of product sales is one of the key responsibilities of a sales representative of any company, which is why a sales analysis report sample may reveal to be a valuable asset in his/her inventory. Company large or small, regardless of the size of the business, always conducts an annual analysis of its products sales. Whether they have increased or declined is crucial for the company’s success. That is why constructing a sales analysis report sample is one of the most common and important tasks assigned to students during their education at marketing and business studies related courses.


A sales analysis report is a written document that aims to reveal both the successes and declines of a product in the market environment. The ability to create such report is important because it allows the company to assess its own production quality and marketing experience. A critical analysis of a product’s sales allows to determine the pros and cons of the chosen product placement and allows to determine the future strategy.

Usually, sale analysis reports are revealed in the form of a presentation, which is shown to the company chief representatives. Therefore, slides, charts, and graphs are common tools of crafting sales presentations. These presentations should include statistical data about sales, such as how many product units have been sold in the year quarters, in which regions, and what are the specifics of the target demographic. However, at the same time, the report should not be oversaturated with irrelevant information and should focus only on those data that are important.

The sales analysis allows to review the company’s business and construct a new strategy for the following year. By reviewing its sales and the target audience, the company is able to adjust its future production and marketing in order to become more appealing to the consumer. It is also an important tool of supply-demand assessment, which allows regulating the number of products shipped. The sales analysis report sample provided bellow is bound to address some of the aforementioned aspects.

Zony PlayNation 3 Sales Report

Period Comparison. During the first quarter of the last year, our product, the Zony PlayNation 3 video game console, has shown a significant success. Its sales have risen from 10 to 20 million units since launch date. The sales have stopped rising so actively in the next quarter but still continued to rise up to 25 million units by the end of the second quarter. However, the main issue of the annual report lies in the decline that began in the third quarter.

Competitor Analysis. When reviewing the decline, a thorough analysis of the video game market determined that it was caused by the release of the Minitendo Mii video game console. The competitor’s product was a large success since it was cheaper than the Zony PlayNation 3 and more user-friendly. It is suggested that the Zony company should review its approach in the following year if it wishes to compete with Minitendo.

Sales Estimates. While the consoles sold relatively equally in all regions, the situation with customer age and chosen pack-in games is different. Judging from the sales analysis, most buyers of the PlayNation 3 were within the 15-30-year-old male category of the so-called “hard-core” gamers, while, on the other hand, the competitor’s console sold better in the so-called “casual” segment of family-oriented games ranging in general age and demographics. Therefore, it is suggested that the company should focus on producing “mature” video games for the same target niche in order to omit direct competition.

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