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Sales Contract Sample

Today, a majority of business people prefer to sign a formal contract before buying or selling goods to secure their purchase. This way, both parties agree to buy or sell, accordingly, specific items under certain conditions outlined in the written form. Sales contract sample is the document with exact requirements in writing signed by both seller and buyer. Agreements of sale vary for the sake of reflecting the value of both parties under particular circumstances. Nonetheless, sales contract sample will become a competent guide as well as a starting point to support the creation of the perfect contract. Valuable contracts cover all important points relevant to current business interactions. Sale agreements, which were designed for determining procedures and price, play a significant role in trade due to the legal background of transactions between the purchaser and seller of specific items, at the exact time of their investment.

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Sales Contract

Black&White Corp. whose central registered office is at 123 Central Street, New York, United States and registration number is 98765432, represented by Mr. A.A. Smith, Sales Manager,
LBT Corp. whose main registered office is at 321 Green Street, Chicago, United States and registration number is 132465798, represented by Mrs. A. M. House, Sales Manager.
Both parties accept sales and purchase interest under this contract and assure to agree in the following way:

1. Applicability

LBT Corp. may continually place orders with Black&White Corp. for furniture products. Each order will be administered by identified terms and conditions in the agreement for sale. This deal excludes each and every oral understanding besides cooperatively agreed on the paper and signed by both authorized representatives. Also, Seller keeps the right to decline the order submitted by the customer.

2. Shipping

LBT Corp. shall purchase goods offered by Black&White Corp. and take responsibility for additional shipping expenses. Accordingly, the Seller Corp. should deliver goods to 123 Central Street, New York, United States. Black&White Corp. should deliver the product to the transport agency in twenty-four hours after the contract signing.

3. Inspection

The Buyer Corp. should accept or reject the products after inspection due to the right to inspect a set of goods on their arrival at Buyer’s facility. In case of non-conformance, the Buyer Corp. should notify another party and give the opportunity to make some corrections to the Seller Corp.

4. Packaging

The Seller Corp. is responsible for proper wrapping and packaging of the items concerning specific characteristics along with transport conditions.

5. Payment & Price

In consonance with the Sales Contract, payment should be made in US dollars. The price of the commodity should be accurate and in US currency. In case of failed or late payments, Seller Corp. has the right to withhold shipments or change delinquency charge interest, and also modify the status of the order for default.

6. Changes

Seller Corp. holds the right to make some changes as well as improvements or enhancements to the products under the chosen order.

7. Transfer of Title

The title along with the risk of loss passes to the Buyer Corp. after transportation of the merchandise to the port of shipment.

Mrs. A. M. House, Sales Manager

Mr. A. A. Smith, Sales Manager

10 January 2017

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