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Sample Abstract for Paper Presentation

abstract paper presentationAbstract is an important part of the writing task or oral presentation because it helps to introduce the topic of the research. A successful abstract provides its readers with a brief overview of the presentation, helps them to understand the further development of the writer’s idea and the relevance of it in order to decide whether to continue reading the whole presentation. Sample abstract for paper presentation should not be longer than two hundred words and has to be clear to the general public or those people who are not familiar with the topic.

As for the recommendations for a sample abstract for the paper presentation, it should contain the following 4 points:

  • The principle objectives, or precisely the reason for choosing the topic and the scope of the research. The thesis statement of the paper presentation should be included in the abstract as well.
  • Summary the main findings from the different studies engaged in the presentation.
  • The information on the methodology or approach to the problem also has to be described in this part.
  • It needs to conclude the presentation and provide the suggestions of the study results.

What is more, it is important to omit background information on the topic as well as introductory materials. There should be no explanations of what the paper presentation describes, but only the results of the study. Besides, no references, figures, and bibliographic information are presented in the abstract. The main feature of a successful abstract for paper presentation is avoiding of wordiness and unnecessary information, grammar and spelling mistakes, the weak organization of the essential ideas.
For example, the abstract for presentation on the theme “Negative Effects of Global Warming” would represent the major findings of the study:

Negative effects of global warming on human health, agriculture and environment outweigh the positive sides. As this topic is an important present day issue, it was selected for the presentation. The main purpose of the presentation is to describe the negative effects of global warming and predictions about the further development of the environmental situation and provide the ways to reduce the level of negative impacts. By means of synthesis and analysis, there were established the essential negative impacts of the global warming, such as polar and glacier melting, ocean acidification, sea level rise, greenhouse effect, temperature increase, droughts and extreme weather, water and air pollution, land degradation, extinction of endangered species. The comparative analysis showed that the negative effects of global warming increased for the last few decades. As for the predictions of the development of the environment, scientists state that the number of negative effects will enlarge. Among the negative influences, the idea that traditional crops can extinct is predominant. The change in the migration patterns of fishes and birds has already been determined. Serious weather disturbances are also considered to be the first effect of global warming. Moreover, there is a prediction that some areas can be flooded because the melting of the ocean progresses.


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