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Sample Abstract for Research Paper

sample abstractThe abstract is an important part of a research paper, especially of those assignments which are created according to APA style. Abstract for a research paper is the first part of a study which is written before the introduction in order to present the core idea of the whole work to its readers. It is a short and informative section the length of which varies from one to two hundred words. It includes such information as the purpose of the paper and the research problems, essential findings, basic design tools, and conclusions. The sample abstract for research paper depends on the area of scientific studies of the author.

It is a well-known wisdom that when there is a sound body there must be a sound mind. However, modern lifestyle, with the extensive processes of globalization and urbanization, effects eating habits of many people because of their rapid pace of work and lack of time to prepare food. Consequently, people prefer to eat fast-food which contains a large number of carbohydrates, sodium, sugar, and fats. By definition, fast food is a type of food which may be prepared for eating in the shortest time. The current paper studies relevant academic articles which describe negative effects of fast-food on human physical and mental health. As one of the main negative sides of fast-food consuming, obesity takes the first place. Among the other health problems, there are arterial occlusion, dyslipidemia, high blood pressure, hypertension, diabetes. Moreover, negative consequences of fast-food are depression, loss of appetite, lack of strength to work and think, and low level of general well-being. In the conclusion, this research paper examines the major ways of how fast-food consuming can be reduced. The author used the methods of analysis and comparison of new scientific approaches towards the issue of healthy food by connecting statistics and expertive forecasts of nutritionists. As the result, it became evident that this problem will only grow and the international community should immediately take measures to eliminate it.


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