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Sample Argument Essay

sample argumentThe sample argument essay should include at least two arguments supporting the main idea and at least one counter-argument which contradicts the overall mood of the text. The present essay will focus attention on the controversy of the death penalty. It has always been a debatable topic owing to the fact that it undermines basic ethical, religious, and moral principles. Moreover, in order to reach the investigatory impartiality, it is necessary to prove the general humane unlawfulness.

The death penalty has always been one of the hottest debate topics for both, the society and the government, concerning its negative ethical side and its potential positive impact on criminal conduct. In the easiest words, the death penalty can be defined as the legal procedure when one individual takes the life of another with the help of special equipment. Therefore, it is actually the murder itself. Thus, the capital punishment is the most irrevocable sin that the government could perform and it must be definitely abolished.

The strongest argument that can be given in favor of the abolishment of the death penalty is the high probability of killing an innocent person. In addition, while the global community is struggling against race, gender, and nationality inequality in courts, the judge’s and jury’s decision can be influenced by biases. According to some researchers and witnesses, comparatively same cases were not treated alike, and the race, gender, and nationality have an influence on sentencing. For example, the ethnic minorities who were convicted of the crimes against the white-skin citizens got a comparatively more exceptional sentences and a greater number of death penalty verdicts than other indicted criminals. Such mistaken accusations, unfortunately, happen quite often and are disastrous for the relatives of the accused person.

Moreover, there is a solid religious background that should give an impetus to restrict the capital punishment all over the world. In every religion, the murder is regarded to be unnatural, sinful, and immoral. There is an opinion the that the soul of the killer, including the one who performs death penalty, will never find peace and remain the vagabond substance wandering beyond the earth. Moreover, murder as punishment is not right owing to the fact that the government should be fairer and superior. The administration should consider sentencing as a modus to pursue the higher standards than the behavior of individual killers.

All in all, some studies show that the capital punishment does indeed save lives. It has an impact on possible criminals and discourages them from committing the crimes, at least severe ones, such as murders. Also, we cannot deny that the police improves their skills in resolving the crime and the cases when innocent people are sentenced reduce steadily.

To conclude, regarding the possible benefits of capital punishment for social safety the murder in a fair of saving the lives cannot be justified by any law. No man has the right to decide on the faith of another man. Being a human means to be humane, fair and able to be reasonable with the help of giving impartial penalties to re-educate the offenders.


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