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Sample Felicitation Speech

sample felicitationThe purpose of the felicitation speech is to recognize as well as reward the main achievements of any individual, group of people, or an entire organization. Public recognition is provided through an open speech that highlights the attained success. The difference of the preliminary sample felicitation speech from the basic address is the need for discussing the various challenges or hardships that were successfully overpassed during the particular time periods. It is necessary for the speaker to know and understand the life circumstances, feelings and thoughts of the honorees. A felicitation speech is usually given at events aimed at recognition of the individual contribution of a person to the society and working community.

Dear ladies and gentlemen,
We are gathered here today in honor of an incredible woman who was able to inspire and support us while facing own challenges. Amy J. is a successful wife, mother, and social activist. Each aspect of her daily life is driven by bravery and determination. Her biography is spotless. Amy always showed great potential at school. Not only she was an excellent student but also a leader to her peers because of her high moral standards. In the Chicago University, she met her amazing husband Keith, who still remains, as she always says, her main support and the most valuable treasure. Amy’s two sons are also here today to encourage and share the joy with their mother. I speak in front of you today to recognize the achievement that Amy J. obtained through hard work, diligence, and hope for the better future.

The majority of people in this room were able to experience and already appreciate the new educational program that Amy established and popularized across the United States to help children succeed despite the difficult family circumstances. She always believed that it was necessary to start from the nearest social surrounding in order to attain peace and justice rather than invest in education abroad. Her patriotism and faith in the future generations of the Americans cannot be underestimated. Throughout her life Amy tried a variety of educational approaches. She studied on each continent of the world and strived to dismiss language barriers.

The life path directed her back to the United States, where she acquired such a lovely family. However, I know that the decision of creating the new social program was not easy. The main challenge for Amy was cancer that she obtained five years ago. With two little sons on her hands and strong support of her husband and other family members, she learned the value of life. Amy successfully recovered just after a year of struggle. Yet, this year was crucial for her to rethink the purpose of life and the ideals that she so strongly defended in childhood.

With the help of the United States Federal Government, the community of the Chicago, and her own determination, Amy started diligent work on a program that altered millions of lives. The “Equal & Free” program is an incredible opportunity for each teenager to learn and obtain a free baccalaureate diploma while providing valuable experience for generations to share knowledge and skills. We are proud that such diligent and creative woman guides our nation to a better future.
Amy, these standing ovations sound in your honor!

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