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5 Ways to Spoil Your Christmas Break

whose line is it anyway memeWinter break has finally begun! What an amazing time for college and university students, who are tired of all those finals, tests, essays and sleepless nights. It is time to let the problems flow away and get over all the winder troubles related to the academic process. But unfortunately, being hungry for sleep, a bunch of free time as well as an ability to do whatever they like. And this is how the Christmas break usually gets spoilt. Here’s a list of the things you shouldn’t do during the winter break.

Doing nothing all day long

Without a doubt, you are pretty overwhelmed by the time you have at your disposal when the time for the Christmas break comes. Finally you have an opportunity to watch all the movies you’ve been so attracted to during the college year, to hang out with your best friends as long as you can, to stay awake till the dawn just surfing on the web or texting your pal from the other part of the globe on the Facebook. But the thing is that time flies when you’re having fun! And too damn fast you realize you have spoilt such a precious time of the year.

Diving into the work up to your neck

So, you’ve decided to get the very first professional experience during the winter break? Well, good for you! The job will give you an opportunity to develop your skills, to master the new ones as well as to properly manage your time and get a sense of responsibility. But the only mistake students tend to make is diving too deep into the process. In other words, they slowly turn into the workaholics! Make sure to have a proper balance or work and rest, this is important.

Saying “yes” to others and “no” to yourself

Having a Christmas break means having a lot of free time. Knowing this makes a lot of people approach you with a great variety of demands and requests. It is good to help the others in the times of need, but make sure that saying “yes” to the other person does not get in the way with your own plans and desires. Helping your cousin to do the Christmas decoration, babysitting your little niece, helping your neighbor to grasp the sociology classes and so on – these and many other requests may come from many sides. But you’re a human being and you’re in need of rest as well as some work for your own purposes. Don’t try to be good for everyone for it is impossible.

Not moving forward

The whole semester is over now. And at some point you have realized that the course you’d chosen does not actually reflect your desires and interests. This is the moment when you have to follow a simple rule – “do more of what makes you happy”! And Christmas break is the most suitable time, when you can relax and think about what you really want. If you fail to do that, it means you will have to spend one more semester studying the materials you’re not keen on.


Your grandmother’s apple pie, your mom’s shepherd’s pie and a bunch of cookies, salads and sweets – it’s Christmas time and the era of family dinners. When the winter break over, you discover that your favourite jeans became somehow tighter…Your weight goes +5 kilos and your day is simply ruined. Do not overeat! Make sure to try all the delicious dishes on the festive table but make sure not to stuff yourself as a Christmas turkey!

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