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3 Tips on How to Get Respect from Your Classmates

respect yourselfDo you wish your classmates could treat you with more respect? As we all know, students often face with situations in the class that may end with serious conflicts. If you are one of those unlucky human beings, who happen to be disrespected, there’s no need to worry! The thing is that there are many ways you can avail of in order to change the level of your reputation and make people look up to you. being absolutely confident, acting highly intelligent as well as avoiding impertinence in everyday communicating are always the best ways to make your classmates like you and, what is more important, respect you. Keep reading in order to know more about what one can do to get respect from the individuals in the class.

The “Golden Rule”

The most important rule you need to follow is the old good proverb – treat the others the way you wish to be treated. In other words, make sure to respect the others. The thing is that respect is a so-called two-way street. Through respecting the other classmates, you will receive respect back. The “Golden Rule” of treating the other people – make sure to keep it in mind. How to succeed in it? First of all, do not “bad-mouth” your colleagues. In case there is a problem, try handling it directly with the individual instead of talking behind their back. Second of all, make certain to “see the other side of the street”. Think about the views of the other person (even if it seems too difficult for you) and figure out what makes her / him being opposing to you. It does not mean that you agree with her / him, but it demonstrates your respect for their viewpoints.

Respect Yourself

If you don’t respect yourself, why should the other people treat your with respect? Make sure to care about how you look through being hygienic in order to send the positive message to your peers about your self-worth. Plus, always stand your ground. Express your true feelings even when they are different from the viewpoints of the others, show sense of confidence in yourself! Of course, this is not an easy task, but the individual with the courage to stand up for his / her beliefs and take independent decision is often treated with respect.

Learn to Speak

Not all college or university students can boast of an ability to speak well. This means you have to learn to talk that way in case you are too quiet or known for saying the most boring things on earth. Aren’t sure what to talk about? Make sure to surf the web for cool articles, watch news for the freshest news or look up Popular Science for the juicy backgrounds within the science and technology fields. But remember that gossiping is a taboo!

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