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Is Your Campus a Safe Place?

campusBefore diving into the college life, make sure to find out whether the potential campus is a safe place. The thing is that colleges and universities are required by the federal law to set standard protocols for all the safety concerns of the campus. The prospective students (as well as their parents) can check the annual security report of the university in order to see the crime statistics, safety policies and disciplinary actions.

However, campus policies may vary, which means you need to research school deeper to find out whether it is comfortable enough for you. By getting through the following points, you will be able to learn more about the safety of the college you pick.

What is the college administration doing in order to cultivate safeness? If the campus safety is your number one concern, make sure to find out whether the administration of the school takes measures in order to provide you with what you need.

Discover in what way the representatives of the school communicate with the students in case of emergency. The point is that colleges may use various methods, such as display signs, e-mails, sirens or texts in order to contact and alert the students in an emergency. In general, the school must have a thoroughly developed plan that gives an opportunity to alert students even if they are out of the internet and cell phone zone.

Is there a security team, police station or county police departments on the territory of the campus? You must know if the campus safety is properly monitored by professionals and in what way the security team representatives coordinate with the off-campus police. Whether the campus security is private or guaranteed by the police, it should be proper enough to support the fire department, to respond to disorder, to provide first aid as well as deal with unpredicted situations.

Besides, students must be aware of how colleges handle various reports provided through the abuse hotlines or on the web. Are there procedures that guarantee 100% confidentiality of the victim? It is highly recommended to look for clear and reliable policies from the college as well as for clear statement on who to go for help and how to get in contact with that individual.

And finally, make certain you know in what way the students will be protected during the natural disaster. Drug and alcohol abuse, as well as crime, are the obvious issues that the colleges deal with, but you also need to take into account the way schools are prepared for the natural disasters. First of all, the representatives of the college must explain how they collaborate with the local authorities, such as fire departments, what kind of evacuation plans they have and whether they are properly tested. The college of your preference must have properly organized, well-developed plans and the students should be aware of what steps they have to take in a case of emergency.

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