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Time for Exams: No Fainting

student stressExams are just ahead and you feel like your knees are shaking already. First of all (even though it may seem impossible to), make sure to relax. It is not the end of the world, is it? You have been working really hard all year round and, without a doubt, you know all the important topics very well. As for the exams, it is just a small check of what you’ve remembered from the classes. Professor’s not going to torture you, so don’t worry! Just make sure to sleep well the night before the exam in order to have fresh and relaxed mind during the test.

When the time of the exam comes, make certain you have all the issues required for the test: your identity ticket, your stationery, your watch and so on. The thing is that searching for these items the last minute before the start will bring even more stress into the process and create panic that will definitely turn into a disaster.

Breathe in, breathe out and plan. Once you’re provided with the question paper, attentively read all the questions given in order to make a quick plan on how you’re going to put in your time to get the best results. Go through the instructions provided for the exam. Are you 100% sure you know what you are required to do? Highlight the questions that you know the answers already and deal with the first. This will enable you to increase your confidence. Praise yourself for knowing the right solutions for the tasks, just to make your brain work better. Don’t kill yourself in your mind for forgetting certain issues. Your task is to focus on what you can do now.

A review is highly important. Never underestimate the possibility of a review! The point is that it is obligatory to check every answer again and again at the end. Make sure to leave some 15 minutes of the exam in order to have enough time to review the whole paper. Be patient. Check every answer twice or even thrice and later you will be amazed by how many careless errors you face with. All the required corrections should be performed in time.

While scanning all pages of the paper, make sure to carefully watch your clock as well as compare it to the wrist watch you have, and the centre clock from time to time. Make sure you have spent enough time on each question and there is time to make all necessary corrections.

Try visualization of success the day before the exam. This may seem pretty weird for you, but sometimes it really helps to draw an image of success in your mind. Just ponder over yourself writing the paper and giving the right answers for every question. Then visualize the highest grade on the exam. The thing is that when you imagine yourself as a hard-working, successful student, you are more likely success!

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