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Essay Topic: Stuck In An Elevator

elevator buttonsThere are some situations in our life that people who are afraid of confined spaces or heights see in the most nightmarish dreams. If you ever find yourself lodged between the floors, you have to know that it is highly important to do everything to guarantee a speedy release. Due to my previous experiences, I have found out that the best and the number one thing to do is to call for immediate help and wait for it. The whole point is that all our efforts to get out may cause even a more dangerous situation. I have worked out a couple of useful tips on how to escape a stranded elevator as soon and as safely as you can, so just remember them and you will free yourself before you’ll even become scared.

First of all, it is important to stay calm no matter what. The very moment you realize you are stuck, the feeling of panic may wrap you up. Nonetheless, you must immediately put your mind over matter, and keep calm. The thing is that panic will make your body feel its effects and you will make the situation worse!

The person must take a deep breath and try to relax. Once the body is fully relaxed, your mind won’t be able to panic. In case the person is not alone in an elevator, your panic will cause the same reaction among the other people. One should just be a calming presence to the people he/she is stuck with.

In case the lights are out, it is recommended to find a light source. An individual can create some light using a keychain flashlight. The device shouldn’t be kept on for a long time for the reason that the battery power can drain. Having enough light, you will be able to see the buttons and realize the whole difficulty of the situation.

It is also highly recommended to understand how many people are there in the same situation with you. Now it’s time for one to press the call button. In case you’re surrounded by darkness, make certain to use the light source to find the button. Next step is to press the call button in order to get in contact with the technician, who will help you. The maintenance experts will be notified about the situation and will exert every effort to solve your problem. In other words, this is the easiest way to get quick help!

Sometimes one may get no response when pressing the call button. This means that it’s time to check the cell phone for reception. If there is no reception – make certain to call the local emergency services numbers. Just for example, the USA and Canada numbers will be 911 while the European Union has officially set 112 for emergencies. Thus, it is important to call the number that is adopted in your country.

If there is no response till this time, one should press the alarm button a couple of times. In case everything else fails and you’re still stuck in a dangerous situation, it’s time to break out! The thing is that this is the moment when nothing else works and you are faced with the life-or-death emergency. Make sure to exert every effort to get out of the place. Carefulness is what matters now (as well as the ability to stay calm). The most dangerous risk is that the elevator may start moving again. Thus, you should push the stop button to be 100% sure the elevator won’t be moving while you are trying to crawl out.

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