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The “Ghost” Movie Review

Demi Moore and Patrick SwayzeDead stuff had been widely shown on the big screen lately. Zombies, vampires and ghosts are popping out here and there – you just need to have enough time to stay updated on what Hollywood has more in store for you. But to my personal viewpoint, the majority of movies of this very type are hard to believe in. Except for one film, which is absolutely my favourite. The “Ghost” movie (1990) reveals the story on how the ghosts come to help the ones they loved.

The film shows Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze as two people in love that are separated by death of one of them. The Hollywood work is also eccentric enough to remain hooking even when the whole ghost-love-story gets simply hard to believe in. Directed by Jerry Zucker, the “Ghost” movie repeatedly veers from the comic genre to the somber with certain offbeat digressions on the way. I personally think that this movie is the only one with a steamily romantic sequence where both characters get together and work magic on the screen.

The story opens by presenting Sam Wheat (Patrick Swayze) and his beloved one – Molly Jensen (Demi Moore). They are a perfectly happy couple moving into a new flat. Nothing in their life foretells the troubles. Nonetheless, one day when two people are walking down the street in New York City, a man with a gun appears. One of the lovers dies.

The movie creator’s attitude towards the ghosthood is very blurred and it does not provide Sam with an opportunity to get used to his new status. The man finds himself in a hospital emergency room, where he meets a fellow ghost. Sam walks here and there trying to get used to his ability to go through doors and walls. He decides to get back to the woman he loves but he finds out that there’s no chance to communicate with her.

At some point Sam discovers a terrible fact about his co-worker, though the whole audience already knows what is actually going on. Fortunately, one more star of the movie is Whoopi Goldberg – the only heroine, who is actually aware of what is going on. The actress plays a medium named Oda Mae Brown, who is actually shocked by the fact that one of her fake bogus séances is interrupted by a real ghost. The woman becomes Sam’s “tool” for communication with the real world, and Molly in particular. Ms. Goldberg appears to be absolutely amazing on the screen! To my mind the “Ghost” movie is the role that really suits this actress and Whoopi professionally makes the most of it!

While Demi Moore combines delicacy and toughness, her partner duly registers all emotions called for the screenplay created by Bruce Joel Rubin. Although Mr. Swayze is the one that the audience sees most of the time, only late in the story he starts to act. With the help of a fellow ghost met in the subway, Sam finally has an opportunity to take revenge on people who betrayed him. Even at this moment one can observe certain inconsistencies of the plot, especially in the scene when the ghosthood rules are bended and the couple has one last dance.

The whole work by Jerry Zucker is too slow, and a couple of special effects (particularly the ones that show what happens to the other ghosts) look pretty much stupid. But you should pay attention to the fact that it was 1990 – it is natural that effects were not very persuasive. Nonetheless, they do not take the charm and magic away from the movie.

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