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Thank You Speech for Award Sample

Thank you speech is a speech that is done when a person gets an award. It is an outstanding way to express gratefulness for help on the way to the achievement. The speaker might devote much attention to the event, to the people who came to it, and to the people who contributed to the achievement of the award. Thank you speech for award sample can provide an example of how to build a speech for accepting an award for any kind of accomplishment and in any environment.

Dear colleagues,
I am very glad to have a chance to deliver my speech on such a pleasant occasion. It is a large honor for me to receive an award for the implementation of the most successful project of this year. I am strongly grateful for this high recognition of the work that was done as far as I believe that every project deserved to be distinguished with this award.

Being honest, the way to this award and project realization was rather long and not easy. Starting from the moment when the project was only one small idea and until today, much work has been done. Bringing the idea into life required much effort, and many challenges arose on the way. However, every problem that appeared on the way was solved, and every obstacle was overcome. The importance of the project striving to ease the lives of a large number of people was the most powerful stimulus and the driving force, leading to impressive results. However, all of that would have been impossible without the coordinated work of the team that collaborated in order to overpass the barriers and to make the idea function properly.

Here, I would like to use the chance to express my deep gratitude to the members of the team who were working on this project for the last year. I believe that every participant of the project has made a weighty contribution to the project. It would not be an exaggeration when I say that it is an honor to me to be a manager of such a professional and highly devoted team. Our collective work has resulted in impressive results, and it is an achievement of each team member and project participant. The solution of problems, coming up with new ideas, developing plans were the results of common work and constant collaboration.

I must say now that the team has transformed into a family and our project became our child. I remember active and fierce discussions that resulted in new and well-developed decisions. I also remember time spent in the office after the working day ended as far as inspiration came then. I remember the support and friendly approach on the side of team members and willingness to help each other. I remember persuading the high management about the importance of changes, and I am happy that it was accomplished. Those were the great moments that taught me much, and I believe that they made the implementation of the project possible.

Today I am grateful to everyone who participated in the realization of the project. I believe that the work that was done within this project deserves an award, as well as everyone who devoted their time and effort to it. This project was a great starting point for a larger one, and I hope that it would ultimately result in an even larger success due to collaboration and creative potential. Thank you very much!

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