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Thanksgiving Speech Example

Thanksgiving speech example is a sample of either a formal or informal address delivered to a particular audience. The speech may dwell upon the background and traditions of the holiday. The Thanksgiving speech example can be used by a family member during the celebration, or by a representative of some official event. Importantly, the speaker may use not only speech sounds but also gesture in order to convey the information.

“Good afternoon everyone!
Today, I would like to say a couple of words in honor of one of the most respected holidays in the United States of America. Today, we gathered together all our dearest friends and relatives in order to give thanks the same way as our arch fathers did the long time ago. It is not a secret that Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays as long as it is one of those rare days when the whole family and the closest friends are together in one place ready to share the warm mood, excellent wine, and the tastiest dinner with each other.

This is the day which seems to be a nice break in between the working routine. It happens so that we spend almost all the time without noticing some minor changes in the world in general, and also in the lives of our neighbors. It is a big pleasure for me to see each of you today here. Despite the fact that the weather is rather unfavorable, you managed to get here. That is, perhaps, the first thing for which I am really grateful. With all my heart, I would like to thank you for such a nice beginning of the evening.

I would also like to thank you for all those people who were directly involved in the process of preparation. My dear friends, without your help the holiday would not have been so nice and organized. That is a kind of thing which is an integral part of the true American spirit – a team spirit. The real Americans know the price of the unity. For that reason, let us be as organized, full of energy, and helpful as we were today.

In our family, Thanksgiving is an appreciated holiday since the early years of our children. Taking this into consideration, my wife and I expect not only our children but our grandchildren to continue the tradition and supplement it with the new elements of celebration as well as increase the number of those who will come to our place in order to share a good mood and original dishes with others.

Thanksgiving is like Christmas in autumn – the holiday has some warmth in it and in the way it attracts good people. I will not encroach upon your time anymore as the dinner will get cool soon. I will just say thanks for being that nice to all people who came, joined us here, and made the celebration possible. Enjoy your meal, friends.

Happy Thanksgiving!”

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