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Amazing ‘Thank You’ Speech Example

Thank you speech is an example of a presentation given at a public place. A person awarded with a prestigious prize is always called upon to pronounce a few words to commemorate all people who helped him or her to achieve the set goal and become the best in some field of the professional activity. When one wins a prize in a contest, a thank you speech is the act of expressing gratitude to those who have contributed to the work done. This is also the opportunity to be recognized by the others or a great marketing play. Thank you speech has to be concise and laconic, however, it is important not to neglect anyone who has to be thanked. The following thank you speech example is delivered by a founder of a startup in the innovation technology sphere.
thank youGood evening, friends and colleagues! It is a great pleasure to be here tonight.

It is a great joy that our foundation has received your prize for a “technology innovation”. I would like to begin expressing our gratitude with a “thank you” to the general jury that decided to grant this innovation award in the category of a young web company to us. It is a great honor for us and for me personally to receive this bonus rewarding our long-term effort. This prestigious award motivates us to continue our endeavor and our enterprise will broaden its scope of action. On behalf of all our working team, please accept this expression of our cordial thanks.

I also thank all members of our team who have always provided assistance and supported our initiatives introduced to the management staff, who have always been empathetic and ready to test our brand new ideas. My dream team, thank you!

It is never easy to create the new concepts and invent something in such an abundant and developed area. That is why I also would like to thank all the members of our enterprise. I can promise you to give the free rein to design and innovations as it helps us to be more successful in our production and allows us to evolve rapidly under the condition of the daily challenges we have to face. Besides, we always try to bridle up your creativity.

I made up my mind to realize my idea by launching this startup because I have always loved creating something that does not exist and, thus, is hard to imagine. Likewise, I have always favored the idea to start a business which will be, as it is widely said today, young and innovative. I suppose this award allows me to say that WE got it.

Overall, I wish to end this speech with you in my mind, not to mention all those who are watching me while thinking of canapes and champagne that are waiting on the table behind you. I think it is time to enjoy and celebrate the era of innovation.

Thank you for making our company producing dreams every day!

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