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Term Paper Introduction Example

A term paper is a kind of students’ works that they write during their semester. The theme of the document is usually connected with one of the subjects. The professors may help their students with the work but it is obligatory that the paper is original. It is necessary to avoid the plagiarism for the author. Moreover, it is vital to choose the unhackneyed theme for the term paper. The general description of the topic in the term paper introduction example is one of the parts of the document. Furthermore, this point should contain the statement of the author and several different opinions on the subject. If the theme of the work is “Internet addiction of children of preschool and primary school age”, then the introduction might look like this.
strengthening beliefs
The Internet space is a common thing for any modern person. Almost all people start their morning with the Internet and their evening ends in the same way. It is a well-known fact that children repeat their parents’ behavior because the adults are their first teachers. Thereby, it is not surprising that many preschool children are able to use the Internet. Many parents encourage the enthusiasm of children and give them tablets and phones. Moreover, many shops and banks set lounges for children that contain computers and tablets. Suchwise, children get used to computers since infancy and get an addiction. Many scientists think that the dependence on the Internet is a new disease. They believe that it should be treated by prohibiting children to use gadgets. Nevertheless, there is another opinion. Its supporters believe that children need to use the Internet because the whole world works with it. The main purposes of the investigation of children’s Internet addiction are to study the phenomenon, learn about both views, reveal the true opinion, and create a list of the recommendations for the parents.

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