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Easy-to-Follow Visual Essay Example

A visual essay is an essay that uses slides (about 20) or photos to tell a particular story. The use of images allows the viewer to imagine the topic under discussion more brightly. As a rule, a visual essay consists of the slides and the accompanying text. Most commonly, a visual essay is used in social studies area in order to illustrate the certain social issues. The visual essay example is a text part, which must be accompanied by the slides further.

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Traditional Dress Around the World

The traditional clothes is an obligatory part of the culture of any nation. At all times people adorned themselves in every possible way. Clothing has played a huge role in any society’s history. Through the use of a variety of patterns, colors, and shapes, different nationalities express their vision of the world. The comparison of the traditional dresses of the different nations illustrates their cultural differences and peculiarities.

Scottish Traditional Dress

The most curious part of the national clothes of the Scottish is the kilt. This part of the wardrobe is made of tartan, which is the wool fabric. Each Scottish clan has its own color and pattern of a kilt: it is enough to look at someone’s kilt to determine from which region of Scotland a person is. In the Scottish language, the word “kilt” means “to wrap around the body.” This is not just a skirt, it is a huge piece of cloth that Scots wrap around the waist, bracing the whole construction with the straps.

Mexican Traditional Dress

Many people tend to think that the national piece of garment of Mexicans is a sombrero or a poncho. However, this is not a truth, as far as sombrero is mainly popular among tourists, and a “cowboy” attire is only used for dancing. In everyday life, Mexican men wear the simple cotton shirts and trousers; on their shoulders they have serape (wool scarf), which can serve as a blanket at night. Women prefer the plain blouses and the long skirts. Mexican women also wear a shawl called rebozo, which, depending on the circumstances, may be a hat or a sling for the baby.

Turkish Traditional Dress

The main feature that distinguishes the traditional Turkish male and female clothes from the other nations is that it is composed of the same elements: wide trousers, shirt, vest and belt. However, over their shirts, Turkish women wear a long dress that covers the toes and has the sleeves that hide fingertips (entari). In addition, women adorn their dress with a belt with the length of about 1 feet. Men wrap their vest with a sash which serves as a “purse” for their money, tobacco, or matches.

Dutch Traditional Dress

The main feature of the Dutch women’s suit, which distinguishes it from the other national dresses of Europe is its diversity. White shirts are decorated with embroidery or lace. Over sweaters, women certainly wear a bright corset. This part of the wardrobe is considered to be a family heirloom handed down from generation to generation. That is why, in everyday life, the Dutch women hid their corsets in the bright calico covers. Women’s dress is complemented with skirts that have ruffles and a thick striped apron. Particular attention is attracted to their traditional cap, which looks like a small boat.


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