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Veteran Essay Example

During the study, pupils and students are faced with tasks that require them to write an essay on required themes. Veteran Essay Example considers that a notion “veteran” for the most time is associated with wars and advanced age, which is true but only partially. Veteran Essay Example provides an information about who are veterans and why do we have to honor them.

backpackTo begin with, it is a matter of importance to understand who is a veteran. The first association with “veteran” is a “war”, therefore it means that a veteran is a person who took part in combats and was injured. This association is true, but at the same time, it is not a complete explanation of definition “veteran”. According to the federal law of the United States, a veteran is every person who served for any period in any military service branch. On the basis of this definition, a veteran could be a war veteran and a combat veteran. A war veteran could be a person, who is ordered to directly participate against an enemy on his or her lands, or who is ordered to be supporting force against an enemy. A combat veteran depends on when and where did he or she served. Unfortunately, not all people, who took part in military service consider themselves as veterans due to the fact that they did not participate in war or combat and did not get an injury during service. At the same time, not every acknowledged veteran has a medal due to which civilians recognize veterans as veterans themselves.

Some people might think about why they have to honor veterans, even if they have never seen a war. The answer on this thoughts lies upon person’s ethical view, and every person must decide for oneself. Nevertheless, apart from this, we have to honor veterans due to the fact that they protected in past or are protecting right now our daily quiet life. Due to their sacrifices and the military service, we have never seen a war, that could take away our relatives and closest friends, or have never been directly affected. We are able to live without fear for our lives and can achieve our life goals. Men and women who just serve in the army, in every moment could be called to active military service in case if a war would be launched. Besides, it is important to remember about veterans and their sacrifices not only during the designated days such as Veterans Day. In case if thoughts about honoring veterans would occur to you, remember that peace has a high price even if those, who paid it, do not see a war. The could be injured at any time and then live all their lives with PTSD and be afraid of any loud sound. It is important to notice the importance of veterans before any war forces us to do it. Any veterans despite their status are worth to be honored.


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