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Essay on The Weirdest Phobias

weirdest phobias

I know nothing about curing phobias. But with a little research, I have found out that fears of spiders, height and fire are not the most unusual at all. It turned out that there are weird phobias one can hardly believe in! I have not the slightest idea of how people, who suffer this kind of phobias, cope with the conditions, but some of the types of anxiety disorder are simply hilarious.

How about Nomophobia? To speak more clearly, the case in point is about fear of being without mobile phone coverage. The name for this kind of anxiety disorder was coined a couple of years ago, on the basis of some researchers performed by the experts who have discovered this very phenomenon. In accordance with the most recent surveys, more than half of people in the United Kingdom of Great Britain suffer from Nomophobia. The fear is usually brought on the panic, which is caused by losing the signal, battery running out or, in some cases, even losing sight of the gadget.

To continue our top phobias list, we proceed to the … Papaphobia! The fear of the pope or the notion of papacy in general. This is a pretty uncommon type of phobia and is closely related to the fear of sacred and holy things – Hierophobia. To say more, Papaphobia is also related to the Hagiophobia that is an irrational and exaggerated fear of various holy things and saints. As a rule, this kind of phobias is triggered by the trauma that is usually associated with the pope.

The next point in my list belongs to the Somniphobia. This type of fear comprises excessive and irrational phobia of falling asleep. The people, who suffer from this disorder, are afraid of falling asleep for the reason that they associate this process with death. Somniphobia may also result from suffering continuous nightmares or a feeling of lack of control. In addition to that, these individuals may also be afraid of losing time when sleeping in their beds.

If your boyfriend or girlfriend is an Ombrophobe, you’re not going to have a romantic promenade in the rain. The point is that people called Ombrophobes have an abnormal fear of rain. Moreover, this type of phobias may even cause severe anxiety attacks. According to the researchers, this phobia is usually triggered by a great number of various factors, including the well known fact that kids are often warned that if they go out in the rain they will get ill. Besides that, many people tend to associate rain with autumn depression.

To my personal viewpoint, one of the stupidest phobias that nowadays exist is the Pogonophobia. This type of anxiety disorder has been used since the 1850s to provide the most suitable description for the fear of beards.

You won’t believe but there are individuals, who are afraid of small holes. As funny as it may sound, there is the type of phobias called Trypophobia. In accordance with the most recent findings, Trypophobia is not yet officially accepted anxiety disorder. Nevertheless, a lot of people from all parts of the globe suffer now from it. The brand-new researches revealed that small holes are usually associated with danger. Among the examples of the feared objects one should point out sponges, honeycomb and any plant that has small holes in it. This type of phobias has its symptoms that are the following: itchy skin, nausea and even severe panic attacks

If you ever perform a research on the phobias that exist nowadays you will find out that one may be afraid of every single thing on Earth. To my mind, being afraid of something takes away the bright colors from our lives. Fear spoils a lot of fun!

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