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Writing Strategies for Students

writing strategies for studentsEvery academic writing task comes with unique challenges. This makes even a seasoned writer face lots of difficulties in settling down to write. The task you have at hand needs the most appropriate interpretation before you settle on any strategy for the writing process. There are many strategies you can use as a writer; one task may require applying several strategies.

When selecting a workable strategy for the academic paper you want to write, ensure you create in writing, the most credible image as a competent member of your selected field of discipline. A clear understanding of your writing strategy makes you gain confidence. Imagine having to write an academic paper as an undergraduate, to be presented to the faculty professor. The professor knows more than you know. Your strategy would definitely to display familiarity, expertise and intelligence. How do you achieve that?

So before you embark in writing, investigate what your main writing strategy is. Would you like to seek your friends support in gathering the phraseology or browse useful phraseology from other, possibly better polished papers and using it weave your ideas together? You need to analyze what is expected of you and how you are going to achieve it. From the research problem, you will be able to formulate the theoretical framework which leads you piece up the literature review then research methodologies. All will depend on the kind or academic writing you are handling.

Academic writings do vary in scope or purpose and, of course the audience. All these will determine your organization, style, flow and presentations, hence determine your strategy. After making a choice, you need to ask yourself why you have settled for that particular strategy. May be you have noted it a technical paper and you have recognized the need for some stylistic variation and you therefore need to acquire the linguistic resources to achieve this. You may also want to use another strategy. Evidently, if your main strategy is insufficient, supplement it accordingly. There is also a question of your strategies are dependent on the type of text you are composing. This will guide you composing you paper in the phraseology that suits the academic writing. May be the accuracy of your sentence-level grammar is the most significant aspect of getting your ideas across.

As a student writer, it is wise perusing all the strategies that you do not use and identifying which one you would you most like to develop. This is necessitated by the fact that your future academic writings may require a different approach. This is when you embark on finding how you might go about developing it.

To grasp the mastery of academic writing in your own field ensure you have to note the most important strategy you require to communicate with your audience. You should do an analysis of all the available strategies and consider whether they could equally apply well to all fields. Think of how they might vary for an author of Public health history, Economics, Physics, or Engineering.

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